This is NOT a normal French book

I feel so proud to be a part of this book project from French My Way which started about a year ago. Little did I realize that it wasn’t just ideas that were needed to help with getting this book ready, but also practical stuff like building a website, editing the content, developing a marketing … Continue reading This is NOT a normal French book

Thanks for visiting in 2012

Google analytics are great when you’re managing websites or anything to do with tracking online use, visits, or engagement with web content. There’s so much that gets captured and that can be customized the way you want that if you like how statistics can help you do your job better, analytics are a great service/tool. … Continue reading Thanks for visiting in 2012

Graffiti and Website Stats

To highlight the impact of UNISDR’s website statistics for 2011, I provided the concept, typographic and visual design of this poster. It shows an overview of the rise in audience and visitors to the website in the year, the top five stories, the most search terms on the site, the most popular site visited in … Continue reading Graffiti and Website Stats

Giving UNISDR a face-lift

In late September 2010, I started working with UNISDR, the strategic arm of the United Nations Secretariat that works on disaster risk reduction. One of the specific tasks I was given was to redesign and redevelopment the organization’s corporate website. The idea had been floating around the organization for a few years. It wasn’t an … Continue reading Giving UNISDR a face-lift

French My Way

Provided the concept, architecture and design for this website for a private French tutor. It also includes a private workspace for students to access documents and other learning materials based on each lesson. The site was designed using WordPress and has a minimalist layout to stay inline with the tutors vision for the service – … Continue reading French My Way

UN Virtual Library in Timor-Leste

While working for the United Nations Resident Coordinators office in Timor-Leste, I was asked to put together a virtual library so that all the UNs publications from Timor-Leste could be accessed online. At the time there was no systematic organization of the UNs publications in an easy place to find. The virtual library was built … Continue reading UN Virtual Library in Timor-Leste

Philippe Schneider – Photographer

While working in Timor-Leste, I helped an Australian/French humanitarian photographer to put together a website to showcase his photos from his work around the world. The website was developed using WordPress and was built so the photographer could manage his own photo collections. Originally designed in black, the website was changed in late 2010 to … Continue reading Philippe Schneider – Photographer

Google Map for Recovery Project Management

As part of a Early Recovery Project for the United Nations Development Programme in Timor-Leste, this interactive map was developed to showcase the possibility of using Google Maps and data from the project to help real-time project management and monitoring. The Google Map uses information entered into a Google spreadsheet to show the projects spatially … Continue reading Google Map for Recovery Project Management

Website for The Cluster System in Timor-Leste

This collaborative website was developed for the humanitarian community in Timor-Leste to support their work and information exchange for coordination relief and response operations. One of the main issues from coordinating various United Nations organizations involved in humanitarian relief was understanding what each other were doing to make relief efforts more effective and efficient. This … Continue reading Website for The Cluster System in Timor-Leste

Google Map of Natural Hazard Risk

As part of an ongoing project on mapping hazard risk with the Asia and Pacific Regional Office of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA), I helped to develop this interactive Google Map to highlight the risk data the office was collecting and processing. This included hazard risk data developed by … Continue reading Google Map of Natural Hazard Risk