Idle time is reality's way of saying "hello"

grumpy maple syrup
(Something missing in Thai grocery stores, unless you want to pay an arm and a leg for it… good ol’ Canadian maple syrup)

A couple of interesting articles I came across that makes reality seem like a dream. Ever wonder what it’s like driving in Asia? Have a read through this article about what tourists need to know about driving in China during the Beijing Olympics this August. I would think all the driving rules and habits found in China applies very much to other parts of Asia, including driving ethics in Thailand. Sure, there should be driving etiquette, but it seems like there’s this sense of first-come first-serve attitude in Asia. Even with complex cultures, trusted traditions, and altruistic attitudes of “Asian-ness”, people fight for everything.

Rot Fai Park
(If you can believe it, Bangkok has some nice parks. It such a relief to be able to get away from the pollution, noise and traffic… here we took a short break from our bike ride around the Rot Fai park)

A Chinese friend of mine once mentioned that Chinese people have lost the all sense of morals and values following the establishment of a communist government and the lack of religion in its culture. This is not too hard to believe when a few months ago I watched a Chinese woman attack a Thai woman for helping the Chinese woman look for daughter. After discovering that the daughter had ran off to join her dad, the Chinese woman lost it! She started to punch the Thai woman in the head, grabbed her hair and clothes and shook her, and kept yelling at the Thai woman who was only trying to help. I guess the Chinese woman was upset for being scared that she lost her daughter… but is there any reason for punching and harrassing a person that was only trying to help?

Market lights at Major Ratchayothin
(Markets are BIG in Bangkok at any time of the day, but they look most impressive at night… here is an outdoor market beside the movie theatre Major Ratchayothin)

Oh, and if this doesn’t scare you, you might want to read this article which basically says that society isn’t too far away from the whole idea behind the Terminator movies. Should we be worried about moving into an age where we have ‘intelligent’ robots doing the killing for humans? What if the robots decide that there are other human activities they should control?

Couple at JT House
(A couple relaxing on a bench at the Jim Thompson House)

2 thoughts on “Idle time is reality's way of saying "hello"”

  1. I am your cousin in Hong Kong. I partially agree your comment on the Chinese. Some of they have lost their morals and values. But lots of they have them in their minds. They just keep in because they want to protect themselves. Even the action is not good, we can’t blame them.
    Before blaming their action, we need to find out where’s the problems come from, doesn’t it?

  2. Hope you have a relaxing time in Laos, enjoying the easy and slow path of life 🙂

    And come back a new person,

    Bon voyage Khun Win

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