Taking a bike trip around Vancouver's Stanley Park before getting married.

Love is beyond words.

When writing my wife’s tribute, one of the hardest things to do is to figure out what to include or not include. Despite the best attempts, writing cannot capture everything, like the details of her determination, her presence and personality, quirky qualities or just the feeling of being by her side.

A person and a feeling can be described, it can be dissected, and it can be projected… but it can’t be fully understood using words. Even though this is true, I still wanted to put together my ‘hommage’ to Muriel.

Thankfully I had help and it started out as a group effort from friends and family who wanted to include a tribute in her hometown magazine last September. This gave me something to work with by translating it into English and then expanding on it with more personal touches which included videos and links I could find online.

Muriel’s tribute is a snapshot of the wonder and strength known to her friends, family, and the people who were fortunate enough to meet her. It includes things that makes me laugh and cry and reminds me of who she was: an amazing and beautiful soul and the love of my life.

Read the tribute here: