Langauge Barriers

So I've been trying to sign up for various courses in Bangkok, which have been advertised in English, but guess what, when I call or email the people in charge, they tell me the course is in Thai. My Thai isn't that great but it's not that bad either, so I think if I tried hard enough I'd be able to follow along with the course. If the course was free, I'd definitely do it – instead it's going to cost approx. $700 Canadian so I have to rethink it. What gets me going is that WHY ADVERTISE SOMETHING IN ONE LANGUAGE, BUT THEN HAVE IT TAUGHT IN ANOTHER?! Any ideas out there?

How-to Mapping Guide

Working with the United Nations Development Programme on a HIV/AIDs and development programme for Southeast Asia, I researched, wrote, and designed this publication that was released in 2004. This how-to guide stresses the importance of mapping as a tool for understanding and responding to HIV vulnerability. The content for the guide came out of an expert meeting on mapping from the organizations highlighted on the cover. You can find this publication along with others that I designed here.

Cimate and HIV/AIDS

As part of a series of covers on HIV/AIDS, development, environment, agriculture and transportation, I designed this cover to represent the publicationís content on the link between Climate Change and HIV/AIDS.† In addition to being the photographer for the cover, I also put together a series of photos to create the design. The publication raises the argument that the concept of hotspots, in which climatic factors can play an important role, it begins to be clear that certain aspects of climate are useful for an Early Warning Rapid Response System (EWRRS) for HIV/AIDS. The publication can be found here, along with a series of other publications covers I designed.