The characteristics of a ‘design thinker’

I normally see lots of emails asking to “beautify” things at work. It’s one of the biggest insults to designers, a profession that looks to not only make things aesthetically pleasing, but ultimately functional and useful whether it’s in technology or communication. It’s a discipline that spans all areas because at its essence is not … Continue reading The characteristics of a ‘design thinker’

Pamplona: the centre of infographics and pintxos

Last month I was in Pamplona, Spain where the world-famous running of the bulls takes place. While the bull running doesn’t show up until mid-July, the city becomes host to Malofiej, an infographics world gathering, in March. It wasn’t a surprise that infographics weren’t the first thing on the tip of people’s tongues when I … Continue reading Pamplona: the centre of infographics and pintxos

Smart yet simple messaging works every time

Finally got through another annual from Communication Arts –  what I really like about the 2013 advertising annual is that the ads featured in the magazine are simple yet engaging. There’s nothing better (and harder to do) than an idea that is smart and makes you think about what’s being communicated. Rather than skimming through … Continue reading Smart yet simple messaging works every time

Whether it’s print or interactive, A is for Action

Every couple of months Communication Arts comes out with their annual on advertising, photography, design, and interactive. It’s always a visual feast flipping through the Annuals and my jaw drops when I see all the creativity that comes from each book. WhileI’m normally not a big fan of the Interactive Annual, probably because it takes … Continue reading Whether it’s print or interactive, A is for Action

Thanks for visiting in 2012

Google analytics are great when you’re managing websites or anything to do with tracking online use, visits, or engagement with web content. There’s so much that gets captured and that can be customized the way you want that if you like how statistics can help you do your job better, analytics are a great service/tool. … Continue reading Thanks for visiting in 2012