Designing a logo is like giving birth

Working at the United Nations, there’s a tendency to relegate design to “making things pretty” or as a last resort in a communication plan, where presentation and usability (i.e. design) take a backseat in a lot of cases to other more “important” work. When in actual fact, having a clear plan, strategy, content and design … Continue reading Designing a logo is like giving birth

Don’t worry, be #Happy

Today is the International Day of Happiness and it’s a relatively new “international day”. It all started in 2012 when the UN designated March 20th to recognize that happiness and well-being are universal goals and aspirations in everyone’s lives and its importance in public policy. The most famous country for celebrating happiness is Bhutan which … Continue reading Don’t worry, be #Happy

It’s cold in here.

I did a quick interview with some of my fellow social media participants on getting a jacket for the winter. Coincidentally it was the best time to ask because the room we’re in is a tad bit chilly. Akiko from UNITAR recommended a ‘down‘ jacket, while Elena from OHCHR was happy with her ankle-length leather … Continue reading It’s cold in here.

Can we learn something from Eurovision?

There’s this European contest that’s been going on for the last 50 years or so… Have you heard of it? It’s called the Eurovision Song Contest. It took place this year in the Central Asian country ofAzerbaijan and the finals were broadcasted live last week, with Sweden taking home the sweeet prize and prestige! It’s … Continue reading Can we learn something from Eurovision?