Award winning photographer

This photo was awarded 2nd prize – that’s not too bad considering this is the first time I entered a photo competition. So I guess I have some bragging rights until next year. It was quite a surprise to find out that my photo titled “Solemn Guards Standing Tall” was awarded second place Club Photo … Continue reading Award winning photographer

The Mind of the Strategist

Strategy. The word is one that gets thrown around a lot especially with more and more opportunities to start a business, improve an organization, or just be plain, dare I say it, “strategic”. I’m guilty of using the word more often than I need to. But I decided while reading books on advertising that it … Continue reading The Mind of the Strategist

The Return of Euro-Work

Geneva. This is where I’ll be for the next 6 months. International development work especially with the United Nations is generally sporadic and short-term – that’s why I’ve been moving around a lot these past few years. I finally made it back to Europe – in 2005, I spent almost half a year in Eastern … Continue reading The Return of Euro-Work

Day 3 (#GISDay) – Timor-Leste event is half-way through

There’s 3 days left to With maps, we build the future of Timor-Leste at Casa Europa. I’ll try to get more pictures up of the different things that are going on for the week-long event. After three days, there’s been plenty of positive response from the event – a lot of people didn’t realize that … Continue reading Day 3 (#GISDay) – Timor-Leste event is half-way through

Timor Leste, East Timor, Timor Lorosae

The flight was long. To be exact, it was 20 hours of flying, twice changing planes, and an overnight stay in Singapore. There were benefits… like enjoying a nice meal in front of a flat screen TV in business class. Approximately two days after taking off from Vancouver, I arrived in Dili, the capital of … Continue reading Timor Leste, East Timor, Timor Lorosae

Natural Hazard Risks in Asia-Pacific

Developed an A1-size poster for the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) to highlight the offices work, as well as to showcase the hazard and risk mapping the organization was involved in. It was made as an educational piece to support the offices work on emergency preparedness and hazard risk in … Continue reading Natural Hazard Risks in Asia-Pacific

Sex in the United Nations (…it happens…)

Emergency Sex (and other desperate measures) gives a pretty good insight into the lives of three humanitarians / peacekeepers and the work they do towards the very holistic ideas of the United Nations. Its a book that highlights the struggles/conflicts we have in the 20th century with the real-life stories of these twenty-something peacekeepers. Full … Continue reading Sex in the United Nations (…it happens…)