Telling tales through type

I just finished reading Communication Arts Typography Annual 3 and the quality of the work blew me away. It’s not so much the various types and fonts that people came up with, but how words and images were created with 26 letters in the English alphabet (there were examples in other languages as well). The … Continue reading Telling tales through type

Chin-glish as east and west meet in HK

One week ago today, I was in Hong Kong for a quick trip to meet up with family. After having traveled and lived in Asia for the last few years, Hong Kong should’ve been a pretty easy vacation destination. It’s well-connected, modern, and has a great variety of food. I’ve been through Hong Kong airport … Continue reading Chin-glish as east and west meet in HK

Graffiti and Website Stats

To highlight the impact of UNISDR’s website statistics for 2011, I provided the concept, typographic and visual design of this poster. It shows an overview of the rise in audience and visitors to the website in the year, the top five stories, the most search terms on the site, the most popular site visited in … Continue reading Graffiti and Website Stats