Flying – a great way to start a birthday!

Words can’t describe what a wonderful present I received from friends for my birthday. I was told to sleep early because I would have to wake up early the next day. Even though I knew it had to be something related to my birthday, I didn’t really expect much – at the most, it would … Continue reading Flying – a great way to start a birthday!

Jaco – and it's not about Michael…

Just got back from Jaco Island… at the eastern end of Timor-Leste.  It’s a long ride to get out to the point (about 6 hours on some very questionable roads), but well worth the effort. The scenery changes (i.e. it’s really dry since it’s the dry season) and there is a definite shortage of civilization/people… … Continue reading Jaco – and it's not about Michael…

Wedding in Santorini

Just finishing up on our trip to Greece to attend my cousin’s wedding in Santorini…. I think I’ve had enough souvlaki, gyros, and greek salad for a life-time. The trip has had it’s ups and downs – the nauseous boat cruise, the historic Greek ruins, and the olive oil. But the highlight was definitely seeing … Continue reading Wedding in Santorini

Savouring Singapore

This is the longest time I’ve spent in Singapore. Come next Tuesday, I’ll have been here for 2 weeks. Not that I can complain, it’s a spectacularly clean city/nation with plenty to eat and see, and is one of the most development countries in the world – this is a big contrast coming from the … Continue reading Savouring Singapore

Anymore 'afters' and there won't be a 'now'

The last month has been a whirlwind of craziness… first I was in Canada for about 3 weeks in January after finishing my job in Timor-Leste. It was a welcome break with all the snow that fell – I haven’t seen a “real” winter in about 3 years. But even 3 weeks went by quickly … Continue reading Anymore 'afters' and there won't be a 'now'

Mountain air rejuvenates the soul.

Here are a few photos from our trip to Maubisse. Most of the photos are from my digital camera or Muriel’s. I’ve taken some from my film camera, but I haven’t found a decent developer in Dili so I haven’t been able to develop my film. If you want to see sets of photos from … Continue reading Mountain air rejuvenates the soul.

Thanks, but I’ll stick to eating chicken

This photo explains it all in Dili, or Timor-Leste for that matter – infrastructure in need of work, flashy UN trucks, sun and sand, and rising mountains in the distance. Outside of these Dili gates, the population decreases dramatically and things start to get calmer, almost tranquil if you don’t have to think about what … Continue reading Thanks, but I’ll stick to eating chicken