Designing a logo is like giving birth

Working at the United Nations, there’s a tendency to relegate design to “making things pretty” or as a last resort in a communication plan, where presentation and usability (i.e. design) take a backseat in a lot of cases to other more “important” work. When in actual fact, having a clear plan, strategy, content and design … Continue reading Designing a logo is like giving birth

FREE isn't forever.

Today was the last official day of the 2010 Olympics and Paralympics (and the free stuff events around the city). Vancouver has graciously received visitors from all over the world and the city has a few new ‘green’ buildings, a important transportation line/link, and progressive ideas for the future. From the Richmond Olympic Oval, the … Continue reading FREE isn't forever.

Bumped By Beer

Had dinner last night with some UN people, and they talked about taking the UN helicopter to Oecusse, the lone enclave/district of Timor-Leste surrounded by Indonesia. The only way in and out is by a) driving 8 hours through Indonesia, b) taking a 12-hour broken down ferry, or c) taking a 45-minute helicopter ride along … Continue reading Bumped By Beer

What's up Portugal??!

Did you know that over 90% of the people in Timor-Leste are Catholic? I guess after 400 years of Portuguese colonization, people pickup a few things. Religion, culture and language have definitely been affected by this 400-year rule. Even the local language of Tetun/Tetum has bits and pieces of Portuguese injected into it. According to … Continue reading What's up Portugal??!

How important is Skytrain to you?

Urban transportation in Vancouver is a sensitive but important issue. There are still a lot of problems with the light-rail system in Vancouver, but overall it does a good job. To try to address deeper social and security issues with the system, Translink, Skytrain and other transport authorities in the city came together on Saturday … Continue reading How important is Skytrain to you?