A refugee’s story and his “guardian angel”

Muriel’s passing has not only shook my core but to those closest to her. This is particularly true for Quesney Buledi, and his family, who considered Muriel as their “guardian angel”. His public story of being an asylum-seeker and refugee in Thailand is well-known – less so is his more personal story of Muriel’s instrumental … Continue reading A refugee’s story and his “guardian angel”

Van Damme the risks.

The Loy Krathong festival is an amazing sight to see with all the floating ‘krathongs’ or lotus-shaped container on the river and the hovering ‘khom loi’ or sky lanterns. While people were lining the river to release their krathongs, many others moved to higher ground to prepare their khom lois to launch them into the … Continue reading Van Damme the risks.

Perpsectives from August

It’s been a busy August so far. First, there’s getting use to being married, then there’ the traveling, moving around, settling-in, and adjusting to a new culture/country. I’ve been exposed to an overflow of visions, perspectives, colours, cultures, people, and thoughts. One things is for sure, life is a surprise – when you think you … Continue reading Perpsectives from August

Break beats and B-boys

(Aduna, Land of Adventure) One of the most interesting things I’ve seen in a while in Bangkok, La Fete is the annual French Cultural Festival in the City of Angels. The two performances I’ve seen so far have not been disappointing. Although there are usually hits and misses in any festival, the dance performances have … Continue reading Break beats and B-boys

Time to move on…

(My office is sparse but functional… this is life working at an NGO… limited funds and equipment, but lots of passionate people and chances to try new things) Monday was my last day working at the newspaper. 2 years goes by quickly… the experience was great… challenging at times, but rewarding nonetheless. Although this is … Continue reading Time to move on…

Happiness isn't a figment of someone's imagination

(Catching some rail at an indoor skate park in Esplanade Mall) Songkran, the annual water festival and new year’s celebration in Thailand, was a little low key for me this year. I think most people who’ve spent enough time in Thailand understand that you can either join the festivities or run away… there’s no in … Continue reading Happiness isn't a figment of someone's imagination

Chai Chai… Kopi… Chai

I haven’t had a chance to sit down in front of a computer to write down all the adventures I’ve been having recently. Here’s a run-down: New Year’s celebration: quiet and relaxed Brief trip to visit my cousins in who were chilling out in Thailand for a few days Muriel’s family popped by for a … Continue reading Chai Chai… Kopi… Chai