What is Miriam currently wearing?

One day I got a phone call from a former workmate asking if I’d be interested in taking photos for her fashion blog. I was kind of blown away because most of my photography had been just a personal hobby and passion. Of course I tried to do something more with it a couple of … Continue reading What is Miriam currently wearing?

Visiting ‘TOM’ in Lausanne

Every four years one city/country hosts the spirit of the Olympics. Probably not as well known is the fact that the International Olympic Committee lives in Lausanne, Switzerland, and with it the Olympic Museum, probably one of the best museums I’ve visited in Switzerland. A visit to the museum had been on my wish list … Continue reading Visiting ‘TOM’ in Lausanne

No snow = no skiing

You can’t be in Switzerland without going skiing. That’s what I’ve been telling myself for the past few months, but when it hasn’t snowed for over 5 weeks, it’s hardly tempting to go up to the mountains. But then again there are other reasons to get out to the mountains… three things come to mind … Continue reading No snow = no skiing

Winter’s early arrival

Geneva is covered in snow. Starting last weekend and continuing to today, Geneva is being blanketed with snow. From yesterday’s prediction of 20cm to today’s latest dump, there’s probably about 50cm on the ground. As people keep telling me, it’s abnormal for Geneva, which sits in a valley, to get such a big dump of … Continue reading Winter’s early arrival

Winters can be beautiful

It’s amazing how winter can be beautiful. The last couple of weekends in Geneva have been an absolute treat… the sun was shining and the temperature was balmy. With an average of 16C, the weekends were warmer than normal and that meant people were out walking, drinking, running, shopping, etc. – any way to get … Continue reading Winters can be beautiful

RGB… and all the colors in between

Fall (aka autumn) is a beautiful time of the year… colors are changing, temperatures are dipping, and the air smells different. It’s been a while since I’ve really experienced a fall, and the up-coming winter for that matter. The hardest part of it all is trying to get accustomed to the cold weather – in … Continue reading RGB… and all the colors in between