The characteristics of a ‘design thinker’

I normally see lots of emails asking to “beautify” things at work. It’s one of the biggest insults to designers, a profession that looks to not only make things aesthetically pleasing, but ultimately functional and useful whether it’s in technology or communication. It’s a discipline that spans all areas because at its essence is not … Continue reading The characteristics of a ‘design thinker’

The first unified theory of branding

There’s a lot of talk in the business, marketing, and communications world about branding, strategy, and design but not always (well, most of time) in the same breath. There seems to be rift between the right and left side of the brain so it was a such a surprise to find a book that bridges … Continue reading The first unified theory of branding

Does your “position” pass the evelvator test?

Positioning seems to be one of most elusive ‘components’ in business. The idea seems basic enough -creating a “position” in a prospective customer’s mind – yet there’s plenty of ideas as to how to go about it. While Jack Trout and Al Ries bible on positioning is one that I usually turn to, I found … Continue reading Does your “position” pass the evelvator test?

Disability is NOT inability – why Thunderclap it?

UNISDR’s Communications Unit in Geneva, a 5-person team that includes me, have been scratching its head for most of the last few months to see how we can generate interest in the 2013 International Day for Disaster Reduction, especially since it falls on a Sunday this year. While events celebrating IDDR are and have been … Continue reading Disability is NOT inability – why Thunderclap it?

The Mind of the Strategist

Strategy. The word is one that gets thrown around a lot especially with more and more opportunities to start a business, improve an organization, or just be plain, dare I say it, “strategic”. I’m guilty of using the word more often than I need to. But I decided while reading books on advertising that it … Continue reading The Mind of the Strategist