Shouldn’t parks be green?

Having lived on and off in different countries in Asia since 2000, moving from one country to another for short periods of time to renew visas (i.e. the visa-run) is a fact of life for lots of tourists and foreigners. Last week my tourist visa to Indonesia expired so I took a short (i.e. one … Continue reading Shouldn’t parks be green?

Savouring Singapore

This is the longest time I’ve spent in Singapore. Come next Tuesday, I’ll have been here for 2 weeks. Not that I can complain, it’s a spectacularly clean city/nation with plenty to eat and see, and is one of the most development countries in the world – this is a big contrast coming from the … Continue reading Savouring Singapore

Timor Leste, East Timor, Timor Lorosae

The flight was long. To be exact, it was 20 hours of flying, twice changing planes, and an overnight stay in Singapore. There were benefits… like enjoying a nice meal in front of a flat screen TV in business class. Approximately two days after taking off from Vancouver, I arrived in Dili, the capital of … Continue reading Timor Leste, East Timor, Timor Lorosae

Taking time to enjoy life in SG

(There was a nice exhibition at the Singapore Art Gallery of old Malay films and TV shows… they decorated the room with lots of old-school cinema velvet as you can see!) Spent last week in Singapore and it was a welcome break. The four-day trip was overall relaxed and what I expected, although a few … Continue reading Taking time to enjoy life in SG