100 things you need to know about people

I just had a chance to read this book from cover to cover and was amazed at the amount of detail there was in explaining how people see/understand things. The title “100 Things every designer needs to know about people” is pretty clear in explaining what the book is about. While the intention of the … Continue reading 100 things you need to know about people

What They Teach You at Harvard Business School.

Can you believe we’re already a quarter of the way through 2011? That means it’ll be six months since I first landed in a still balmy Geneva spring morning. Where does the time go? Speaking of time, how long does it take to make friends and build a social network? Of course there’s the online … Continue reading What They Teach You at Harvard Business School.

The Mind of the Strategist

Strategy. The word is one that gets thrown around a lot especially with more and more opportunities to start a business, improve an organization, or just be plain, dare I say it, “strategic”. I’m guilty of using the word more often than I need to. But I decided while reading books on advertising that it … Continue reading The Mind of the Strategist

Sex in the United Nations (…it happens…)

Emergency Sex (and other desperate measures) gives a pretty good insight into the lives of three humanitarians / peacekeepers and the work they do towards the very holistic ideas of the United Nations. Its a book that highlights the struggles/conflicts we have in the 20th century with the real-life stories of these twenty-something peacekeepers. Full … Continue reading Sex in the United Nations (…it happens…)