A small and low-key affair

Some people might want to call it a secret, but we wanted a low-key affair in Canada. Everyone (a party of 6) arrived at my brother’s house at around 6pm. After a nice dinner that included tasty sushi from Fuji Sushi, a couple bottles of ros from the south of France, a 30-minute ceremony with … Continue reading A small and low-key affair

Wedding in Santorini

Just finishing up on our trip to Greece to attend my cousin’s wedding in Santorini…. I think I’ve had enough souvlaki, gyros, and greek salad for a life-time. The trip has had it’s ups and downs – the nauseous boat cruise, the historic Greek ruins, and the olive oil. But the highlight was definitely seeing … Continue reading Wedding in Santorini

After 5 minutes, can you trust your gut?

It’s a weird feeling… not the conjunctivitis I caught in late May, but you know the one; where within 5 minutes of meeting someone you either like them or not. There’s not too much of a problem if you like them because you can just continue talking to them, trading stories, exchanging ideas or cracking … Continue reading After 5 minutes, can you trust your gut?