Food+Music can make anyone happy

It might be hard work but there isn’t really a down side to food. We all need it. We all have our own tastes. We can love or hate making and eating whatever we cook. It induces memories and is a visual feast that triggers other senses and emotions. While food tickles our sense of … Continue reading Food+Music can make anyone happy

There’s a “texture” to film photography

I bought my first digital camera in 2004 during a brief visit to Japan. Compared to my film cameras, it was light, pocket-able, and a great travel companion. It was an uneasy purchase not so much because it was a move into the 21st century where everything was going digital, but the fact that it … Continue reading There’s a “texture” to film photography

From 2000 to 40 – a year in photos

Every year I put together a small set of photos that represent the year and upload them to Flickr. With 2013 over and done with, I had a bit of time this past couple of months to go through and organize over 2000 photos. It was a particularly special year because I also experimented with … Continue reading From 2000 to 40 – a year in photos

Nice to meet you, Roy G. Biv

Today is the last day for February because 2013 doesn’t have a leap year – the next time we get 366 days in a year will be in 2016 and it’ll be on a Monday. At the same time, it’s also the last day of my mini subject for my 2013 photo project on … Continue reading Nice to meet you, Roy G. Biv

Facebook would be boring without photos.

Visual storytelling is something we’ve been doing for centuries (and longer). And the fact that we all now have ways to do this with the internet, cameras, and phones makes it all that much easier to connect and bring people closer together by sharing experiences and memories. “5 ways to impress your audience with visual … Continue reading Facebook would be boring without photos.

Going for a stroll

For some reason taking photos in Timor-Leste isn’t as relaxed as other places – well that’s what it seems for some of us amateur photographers. After spending over a year in Timor, I’ve chalked up approximately 5 rolls of film and probably a total of 500 photos from friends. To get out and take more … Continue reading Going for a stroll