Visiting ‘TOM’ in Lausanne

Every four years one city/country hosts the spirit of the Olympics. Probably not as well known is the fact that the International Olympic Committee lives in Lausanne, Switzerland, and with it the Olympic Museum, probably one of the best museums I’ve visited in Switzerland. A visit to the museum had been on my wish list … Continue reading Visiting ‘TOM’ in Lausanne

FREE isn't forever.

Today was the last official day of the 2010 Olympics and Paralympics (and the free stuff events around the city). Vancouver has graciously received visitors from all over the world and the city has a few new ‘green’ buildings, a important transportation line/link, and progressive ideas for the future. From the Richmond Olympic Oval, the … Continue reading FREE isn't forever.

Fresh air, snow, and mountains

Whistler is a great place to visit, especially if you’re a tourist. There’s lots of shopping, food and a different way of live 2 hours by bus north of Vancouver. I went up to visit my brother and to catch one of the paralympic events at the Whistler Olympic Park. We had free tickets to … Continue reading Fresh air, snow, and mountains

Never too late for photos…

Just got back to Vancouver a couple of days ago and was able to catch a little Olympic fever. Yes, I’m a couple of weeks too late for the main event, but the Paralympic Games will be starting soon.  I was in downtown Vancouver yesterday and even though weather wasn’t the greatest (i.e. rain, rain … Continue reading Never too late for photos…

There’s still more Olympics to go… up next, the Paralympics!

Canada comes out of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics with the most number of gold medals of any country! Even though I couldn’t catch most of the games while I was in Bangkok, I was glad to catch the biggest gold medal won during these games – Canada’s 3-2 overtime victory over the USA in … Continue reading There’s still more Olympics to go… up next, the Paralympics!

Going for gold… the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

It’s almost showtime!  If you didn’t know the 2010 Winter Olympics will start on Friday, 12 February in Vancouver, Canada. It’s one of the biggest events that has come to the city in a long time, and while there are concerns over urban displacement, indigenous issues and budget/debt after the games, the excitement leading up … Continue reading Going for gold… the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics