SMACK-ing communication in the face

I’ve been drinking a glass of Coke at night for the last couple of weeks. The reason? I have 5 two-liter bottles of Coke sitting on my balcony thanks to my cousins who bought them just to get a free stuffed polar bear as part of the deal. Their excuse was that they were doing … Continue reading SMACK-ing communication in the face

Marketing with a bit of a conscience

UPDATE (4 March 2014): I just found the presentation we put together for the final project of the course on how to provide safe drinking water to South Sudan. Download it here. I’ve enrolled in a three-week course at New York University on using marketing and communications for social/environment/development issues… basically – taking what Coca … Continue reading Marketing with a bit of a conscience

Logo for Timor and Signs in NYC

If you’re wondering about the photo above, yes, that’s NOT New York… that’s Timor-Leste and that’s the logo I designed for an Asian Foundation project on Community-Police Partnership (the one on the far right). The whole process was an experience and interesting working with Asia Foundation and their local partners on figuring out how to … Continue reading Logo for Timor and Signs in NYC

Sightseeing in English is a weird feeling

One of the strangest feelings I had when we first came to NYC was being a tourist in an English-speaking country. It was strange to not have to argue, bargain, or explain myself in another language other than English. I was so use to trying to converse in another language (very limited French, Thai, Tetun, … Continue reading Sightseeing in English is a weird feeling

“Hiking” through Manhattan

Because we wanted to get out and do some walking – a great way to see NYC by the way – and to meet some new people, Muriel and I joined a walk, or as our guide Dorian told us, an “urban hike”. I’ve been on hikes through the countryside and around islands before, so … Continue reading “Hiking” through Manhattan

B is for Brooklyn and Brownstones

I’ve been in New York for a whole week (2 more months to go) and I haven’t even scratched the surface… so far the city has blown me away. Temperatures are rising, people are on the streets, free events starting, and the food has been diverse and delicious. Our first exposure to NYC was staying … Continue reading B is for Brooklyn and Brownstones