Looking up and out for 2013

While my photographer typically focuses on “street” and lifestyles, with a touch of photojournalism, I can’t let go of nature and landscapes shots. It’s what originally pulled me into photography when I started using my first camera – a Minolta AF-Tele 35mm film camera that was given to me from a lost and found box. … Continue reading Looking up and out for 2013

No snow = no skiing

You can’t be in Switzerland without going skiing. That’s what I’ve been telling myself for the past few months, but when it hasn’t snowed for over 5 weeks, it’s hardly tempting to go up to the mountains. But then again there are other reasons to get out to the mountains… three things come to mind … Continue reading No snow = no skiing

Jaco – and it's not about Michael…

Just got back from Jaco Island… at the eastern end of Timor-Leste.  It’s a long ride to get out to the point (about 6 hours on some very questionable roads), but well worth the effort. The scenery changes (i.e. it’s really dry since it’s the dry season) and there is a definite shortage of civilization/people… … Continue reading Jaco – and it's not about Michael…

Wedding in Santorini

Just finishing up on our trip to Greece to attend my cousin’s wedding in Santorini…. I think I’ve had enough souvlaki, gyros, and greek salad for a life-time. The trip has had it’s ups and downs – the nauseous boat cruise, the historic Greek ruins, and the olive oil. But the highlight was definitely seeing … Continue reading Wedding in Santorini

Bumped By Beer

Had dinner last night with some UN people, and they talked about taking the UN helicopter to Oecusse, the lone enclave/district of Timor-Leste surrounded by Indonesia. The only way in and out is by a) driving 8 hours through Indonesia, b) taking a 12-hour broken down ferry, or c) taking a 45-minute helicopter ride along … Continue reading Bumped By Beer

Anymore 'afters' and there won't be a 'now'

The last month has been a whirlwind of craziness… first I was in Canada for about 3 weeks in January after finishing my job in Timor-Leste. It was a welcome break with all the snow that fell – I haven’t seen a “real” winter in about 3 years. But even 3 weeks went by quickly … Continue reading Anymore 'afters' and there won't be a 'now'