Food+Music can make anyone happy

It might be hard work but there isn’t really a down side to food. We all need it. We all have our own tastes. We can love or hate making and eating whatever we cook. It induces memories and is a visual feast that triggers other senses and emotions. While food tickles our sense of … Continue reading Food+Music can make anyone happy

Don’t worry, be #Happy

Today is the International Day of Happiness and it’s a relatively new “international day”. It all started in 2012 when the UN designated March 20th to recognize that happiness and well-being are universal goals and aspirations in everyone’s lives and its importance in public policy. The most famous country for celebrating happiness is Bhutan which … Continue reading Don’t worry, be #Happy

Savouring Singapore

This is the longest time I’ve spent in Singapore. Come next Tuesday, I’ll have been here for 2 weeks. Not that I can complain, it’s a spectacularly clean city/nation with plenty to eat and see, and is one of the most development countries in the world – this is a big contrast coming from the … Continue reading Savouring Singapore