Non Formal Education in Oecusse

In preparation for a planning meeting with one of the poorest districts in Timor-Leste, this compilation was created to highlight the education issues in the district. The statistics were drawn from a database the Ministry of Education was maintaining. One of the areas that the government wanted to look into was non-formal education since the … Continue reading Non Formal Education in Oecusse

Human Resources

Working with the Ministry of Education and UNIFEM in Timor-Leste, I developed a series of infographics to showcase the education statistics the government was collecting as part of a gender assessment. In this graphic, the idea was to highlight the difference between male and female staff in the Ministry to understand the gender balance in … Continue reading Human Resources

Student Enrollment

In March/April 2009, I was approached by UNIFEM and the Ministry of Education in Timor-Leste to help them visualize statistics for a gender assessment of the education system in the country. At the time there was a big project to collect and organize stats on education to help the government develop a strategic plan to … Continue reading Student Enrollment


As part of an ongoing project on Natural Hazard Risk for UNOCHAs regional office in Asia and the Pacific, after analyzing and producing a hazard risk map for each country in the region, the final accumulation was to produce a publication. This was the cover I designed using Wordle. The rest of the publication was … Continue reading OCHA ROAP Map Atlas