Shouldn’t parks be green?

Having lived on and off in different countries in Asia since 2000, moving from one country to another for short periods of time to renew visas (i.e. the visa-run) is a fact of life for lots of tourists and foreigners. Last week my tourist visa to Indonesia expired so I took a short (i.e. one … Continue reading Shouldn’t parks be green?

Watch your step.

April 22 is Earth Day. From last month’s EarthHour to this month’s Earth Day, there seems to be a lot of events on the environment. I get HBO, and even they are advertising about Earth Day. From what I saw, they’re going to be showing the “11th Hour“, a 2007 movie about looking at the … Continue reading Watch your step.

Let’s Go Green & Get Creative

There was a time when it wasn’t cool to recycle (maybe it still isn’t for a lot of people) – It takes too much time or too much effort. But really, isn’t it something small that you can do to help out the environment, because in the end, pollution, loss of biodiversity, climate change, lack … Continue reading Let’s Go Green & Get Creative

I want to donate some money.

Hippy and treehugger… that’s what I remember people being called when I first joined the Geography program at the University of Victoria. I guess that when you are studying about how the planet works or how the environment can affect how we live, you’re labeled as some sort of “alternative” person (i.e. freak like these … Continue reading I want to donate some money.

Chinese resentment, Emily Carr, Eco Bounty Hunter…

(Can’t wait for this movie to come out… Did you know that Heath Ledger plays the Joker?) Here are a few things I’ve been reading that might be interesting in a topsy-turvy world… Resentment follows Chinese violence in Seoul China on Tuesday defended the right of Chinese students in South Korea to protect the Olympic … Continue reading Chinese resentment, Emily Carr, Eco Bounty Hunter…

Consumer power and Burma

(More than 90 per cent of the world’s rubies come from Burma… photo by Reuters: Aung Hla Tun) Some people have asked me about what they can do to affect what is going on in Burma. Even though governments around the world have imposed economic sanctions on the country, it is unlikely to deter the … Continue reading Consumer power and Burma

H20 + Powder = One big mess!

(Posing infront of a huge poster in Siam Paragon… I think all the security guards and cleaning staff around us thought we were crazy) Mid-April in Thailand (and other parts of SouthEast Asia) is Songkran time, or what would be loosely translated into Thai New Year.  So on top of your typical New Years celebration, … Continue reading H20 + Powder = One big mess!