The Open Data Revolution

There’s a bit of a revolution going under most people’s noses and it is probably something most people won’t think about even if we need this revolution whether we realize it or not. And at the same time people contribute to this revolution even if they don’t know about it. It’s a good thing – … Continue reading The Open Data Revolution

Cities are good for you

World Habitat Day happens the first Monday of every October and it’s a day to reflect on the state of our towns and cities. It’s also a time to remind the world that we all have responsibility in shaping the future of our cities and towns. FYI, this year’s focus is on Urban Mobility – … Continue reading Cities are good for you

Respond or die

Things are changing and you might not know it even if it’s you who’s actually caused the change. Haven’t figured it out yet? Just look at what you carry everyday and what most people can’t live without these days. I’m talking about your computer, phone and/or tablet. In the last couple of decades we’ve moved … Continue reading Respond or die

The Age of Social

Who knew getting people to understand social media would be a monumental task? People are tuned into social media when it comes to personal things, like staying in touch with family and friends, and it just makes sense to share articles, news, photos, etc. When it comes to social media for work, it’s a whole … Continue reading The Age of Social

Do you know who you’re talking to?

Sitting in a room today full of people enthusiastic about social media and the future it has in the world of media and communication raised a lot of questions in my mind about new vs. traditional media. The colliding worlds of social media and traditional media can’t (and shouldn’t) be ignored. It’s a sign of … Continue reading Do you know who you’re talking to?

The future of news and info – defined by us or by someone else?

On a whim and with little prep time, I submitted an info-graphic project I worked on while in Timor-Leste for an international information design competition. Low and behold, my project was selected by the Jury to be one of the selected projects for the IIID Award and it might even be featured in the IIIDaward … Continue reading The future of news and info – defined by us or by someone else?