The highlight of Geneva’s winter

A few photos from the past month In Geneva, the highlight of the year is the Escalade, a one-week event to commemorate and celebrate an important part of Genevas history. One of the main events is a 7km run around Genevas old town of It usually takes place in the second week of December. This … Continue reading The highlight of Geneva’s winter

Never too late for photos…

Just got back to Vancouver a couple of days ago and was able to catch a little Olympic fever. Yes, I’m a couple of weeks too late for the main event, but the Paralympic Games will be starting soon.  I was in downtown Vancouver yesterday and even though weather wasn’t the greatest (i.e. rain, rain … Continue reading Never too late for photos…

Seasons are changing and there’s excitement in the air.

  Winter is coming. The days are shortening and the nights are cool… There’s a strange feeling in the air where people seem more relaxed and will be enjoying the season. Maybe it’s because on May 20 the Timorese celebrated their independence day and everyone was in good spirits. Not much happens in Dili, and … Continue reading Seasons are changing and there’s excitement in the air.

Savouring Singapore

This is the longest time I’ve spent in Singapore. Come next Tuesday, I’ll have been here for 2 weeks. Not that I can complain, it’s a spectacularly clean city/nation with plenty to eat and see, and is one of the most development countries in the world – this is a big contrast coming from the … Continue reading Savouring Singapore