Human Resources

Working with the Ministry of Education and UNIFEM in Timor-Leste, I developed a series of infographics to showcase the education statistics the government was collecting as part of a gender assessment. In this graphic, the idea was to highlight the difference between male and female staff in the Ministry to understand the gender balance in … Continue reading Human Resources

Let’s Go Green & Get Creative

There was a time when it wasn’t cool to recycle (maybe it still isn’t for a lot of people) – It takes too much time or too much effort. But really, isn’t it something small that you can do to help out the environment, because in the end, pollution, loss of biodiversity, climate change, lack … Continue reading Let’s Go Green & Get Creative

Chinese resentment, Emily Carr, Eco Bounty Hunter…

(Can’t wait for this movie to come out… Did you know that Heath Ledger plays the Joker?) Here are a few things I’ve been reading that might be interesting in a topsy-turvy world… Resentment follows Chinese violence in Seoul China on Tuesday defended the right of Chinese students in South Korea to protect the Olympic … Continue reading Chinese resentment, Emily Carr, Eco Bounty Hunter…


As part of an ongoing project on Natural Hazard Risk for UNOCHAs regional office in Asia and the Pacific, after analyzing and producing a hazard risk map for each country in the region, the final accumulation was to produce a publication. This was the cover I designed using Wordle. The rest of the publication was … Continue reading OCHA ROAP Map Atlas

Getting out to see the "new" Bangkok

  So have you heard?  Bangkok has a new international airport called Suvarnabhumi… actually the airport is not in Bangkok anymore – it's in the next province to the southeast called Samut Prakan.  The airport is definitely much more modern than the old Don Mueang with high ceilings, a minimalist German industrial design, and lots … Continue reading Getting out to see the "new" Bangkok

How-to Mapping Guide

Working with the United Nations Development Programme on a HIV/AIDs and development programme for Southeast Asia, I researched, wrote, and designed this publication that was released in 2004. This how-to guide stresses the importance of mapping as a tool for understanding and responding to HIV vulnerability. The content for the guide came out of an … Continue reading How-to Mapping Guide

Cimate and HIV/AIDS

As part of a series of covers on HIV/AIDS, development, environment, agriculture and transportation, I designed this cover to represent the publications content on the link between Climate Change and HIV/AIDS. In addition to being the photographer for the cover, I also put together a series of photos to create the design. The publication raises … Continue reading Cimate and HIV/AIDS