“Hiking” through Manhattan

Because we wanted to get out and do some walking – a great way to see NYC by the way – and to meet some new people, Muriel and I joined a walk, or as our guide Dorian told us, an “urban hike”. I’ve been on hikes through the countryside and around islands before, so … Continue reading “Hiking” through Manhattan

FREE isn't forever.

Today was the last official day of the 2010 Olympics and Paralympics (and the free stuff events around the city). Vancouver has graciously received visitors from all over the world and the city has a few new ‘green’ buildings, a important transportation line/link, and progressive ideas for the future. From the Richmond Olympic Oval, the … Continue reading FREE isn't forever.

Going for a stroll

For some reason taking photos in Timor-Leste isn’t as relaxed as other places – well that’s what it seems for some of us amateur photographers. After spending over a year in Timor, I’ve chalked up approximately 5 rolls of film and probably a total of 500 photos from friends. To get out and take more … Continue reading Going for a stroll

Day 2 (#GISDay) – Kids, military, uni students come for a visit

With maps, we build the future of Timor-Leste keeps going strong at Casa Europa. Day 2 was as popular as the first day. This time around there was a class field trip from the Dili International School who came for a visit – as you can see they were very interested in the 1:50000 floor … Continue reading Day 2 (#GISDay) – Kids, military, uni students come for a visit

How important is Skytrain to you?

Urban transportation in Vancouver is a sensitive but important issue. There are still a lot of problems with the light-rail system in Vancouver, but overall it does a good job. To try to address deeper social and security issues with the system, Translink, Skytrain and other transport authorities in the city came together on Saturday … Continue reading How important is Skytrain to you?