The first unified theory of branding

There’s a lot of talk in the business, marketing, and communications world about branding, strategy, and design but not always (well, most of time) in the same breath. There seems to be rift between the right and left side of the brain so it was a such a surprise to find a book that bridges … Continue reading The first unified theory of branding

Designing a logo is like giving birth

Working at the United Nations, there’s a tendency to relegate design to “making things pretty” or as a last resort in a communication plan, where presentation and usability (i.e. design) take a backseat in a lot of cases to other more “important” work. When in actual fact, having a clear plan, strategy, content and design … Continue reading Designing a logo is like giving birth

The “best kept secret in the UN” – Hopefully not anymore…

Almost three weeks ago to the day was my last day with UNISDR after a very prosperous and successful three and half years of work with a small yet important entity within the United Nations. The organization was hoping that I would continue, but I decided that it was time for a change and find … Continue reading The “best kept secret in the UN” – Hopefully not anymore…

The 22 Laws of Marketing

At 2681m the air is thinner, the space is larger, and the atmosphere is harsher. This is the first thing we learned as we trekked up to the Faulhorn. The weather in the Grindelwald valley below wasn’t all the that pleasant but as we moved up in altitude in the mid-morning, the skies cleared up … Continue reading The 22 Laws of Marketing

Do you know who you’re talking to?

Sitting in a room today full of people enthusiastic about social media and the future it has in the world of media and communication raised a lot of questions in my mind about new vs. traditional media. The colliding worlds of social media and traditional media can’t (and shouldn’t) be ignored. It’s a sign of … Continue reading Do you know who you’re talking to?

French My Way

Provided the concept, architecture and design for this website for a private French tutor. It also includes a private workspace for students to access documents and other learning materials based on each lesson. The site was designed using WordPress and has a minimalist layout to stay inline with the tutors vision for the service – … Continue reading French My Way