Data is good. Data is bad. Where’s the middle ground?

It’s amazing to see the use of technology to track, monitor, and collect information and data from things that we do, like sports, to help improve and enhance what we do. I think it’s called life-hacking and if you’re thinking of resolutions for the New Year, there’s a whole website about doing just that. Yet … Continue reading Data is good. Data is bad. Where’s the middle ground?

Cartographer takes Kobe to school

Admittedly the title for this post would make for a great story, but unfortunately it’s only fantasy for now. Skill and talent may still have a large part to play in basketball, but Kirk Goldsberry thinks there’s more to it and that thinking like a cartographer (i.e. you know, those guys that makes maps) might … Continue reading Cartographer takes Kobe to school

Lacing up for people with disabilities

This year’s International Day for Disaster Reduction (IDDR) was focused on how disasters affected people living with disabilities. As part of UNISDR’s Communications Unit, we’re responsible for defining the theme, messages, and getting people motivated to take part in the celebrations on 13 October. Even with this global focus, we normally organize something locally in … Continue reading Lacing up for people with disabilities