Smart yet simple messaging works every time

Finally got through another annual from Communication Arts –  what I really like about the 2013 advertising annual is that the ads featured in the magazine are simple yet engaging. There’s nothing better (and harder to do) than an idea that is smart and makes you think about what’s being communicated. Rather than skimming through … Continue reading Smart yet simple messaging works every time

The mEdium is the mEssage

I took this photo just around the corner from where I live. Graffiti like this is a common sight in most cities and all are communicating a message – in some cases one that the general public can understand or in other cases targeted to a specific audience. Aside from the message, there are a … Continue reading The mEdium is the mEssage

Whether it’s print or interactive, A is for Action

Every couple of months Communication Arts comes out with their annual on advertising, photography, design, and interactive. It’s always a visual feast flipping through the Annuals and my jaw drops when I see all the creativity that comes from each book. WhileI’m normally not a big fan of the Interactive Annual, probably because it takes … Continue reading Whether it’s print or interactive, A is for Action

Eureka, I have an idea!

The currency of any great experience and story is the idea. We all come across that spark of an idea at some point in our lives (and probably more than once) where we think to ourselves “A-ha, that’s what I’m talking about”. I’ve spent the last few years surrounding myself with books and materials about … Continue reading Eureka, I have an idea!

What would Donald Draper say?

There is a change in the air. Past industries that have communicated to us and which we relied on for information, like broadcast media and newspapers, are undergoing a transformation – and this goes for the advertising industry as well. With the widespread use and access to the internet, and the democratization of information and … Continue reading What would Donald Draper say?

Advertising that gets the creative juices flowing

Whether you have nice or negative things to say about advertising, it’s an industry that pushes the boundaries of creativity in communication. One of the premier magazines that shows this collective boundary-pushing field is Communication Arts. Every year, the magazine publishes “annuals” that highlight visionary examples of communication, not only in advertising, but also typography, … Continue reading Advertising that gets the creative juices flowing

Voigtlander Poster

As part of a graphic design project on photography, I wrote the copy, photographed, designed and art directed this poster for a Voigtlander lens I recently bought. The concept was to practice photography in a studio setting and to take the photograph and put it into a advertising format. The main photograph was taken in … Continue reading Voigtlander Poster