Two thumbs up for Megaria

From stores and vendors selling rows and rows of pirated CDs and DVDs, art-house movie groups, to luxurious and plush movie theatres, you can watch just about any movie in Jakarta – although I have a feeling there’s a bit of censorship around. Cheap, air-conditioned, and comfortable, going to the movie theatre is an inexpensive … Continue reading Two thumbs up for Megaria

Separating fiction from reality…

I found it quite interesting that we accept things so easily without ever being too critical about where we get our information. We shouldn’t be too nit-picky about everything we hear or see (although I have to admit that I’m just a tad more critical than the average person which does get me in a … Continue reading Separating fiction from reality…

Sex in the United Nations (…it happens…)

Emergency Sex (and other desperate measures) gives a pretty good insight into the lives of three humanitarians / peacekeepers and the work they do towards the very holistic ideas of the United Nations. Its a book that highlights the struggles/conflicts we have in the 20th century with the real-life stories of these twenty-something peacekeepers. Full … Continue reading Sex in the United Nations (…it happens…)

Movie: An Inconvenient Truth

Whether Al Gore is using his movie An Inconvenient Truth for his strategy to campaign for the next US presidency is up in the air (he hasnt said that hes running in the next election, and he hasnt completely denied politicians, eh!). Whatever he decides, go watch this movie. Not to support his … Continue reading Movie: An Inconvenient Truth