Cities are good for you

World Habitat Day happens the first Monday of every October and it’s a day to reflect on the state of our towns and cities. It’s also a time to remind the world that we all have responsibility in shaping the future of our cities and towns. FYI, this year’s focus is on Urban Mobility – … Continue reading Cities are good for you

Social networks, innovation, and marketing for disaster risk reduction

The above photo was taken at the exhibition space in Cern which has various displays explaining the the origins of the universe. It’s also a poignant question because it helps us: 1) understand where we’re from, and, importantly, 2) gives a starting point to know or define where we’re going. This was what twenty one … Continue reading Social networks, innovation, and marketing for disaster risk reduction

People don’t want “content” – they want compelling stories

This photo is one in a series taken for the 2013 Fnac and Nikon photo marathon competition. We thought it would be a clever way to highlight one of the three themes that we had to enter into that day. “Geneve en mouvement / Geneve in movement” and “En levant la tete / Raise the … Continue reading People don’t want “content” – they want compelling stories

When we pay attention, every action in the universe creates data

We process data everyday – through all of our five (or six?) senses. From hearing the crunching of cocoa beans, smelling the aroma released when the beans are heated, seeing the chocolate being formed, feeling the texture as it enters our mouth, to tasting it as it melts in our mouth, our brain has to … Continue reading When we pay attention, every action in the universe creates data

The 22 Laws of Marketing

At 2681m the air is thinner, the space is larger, and the atmosphere is harsher. This is the first thing we learned as we trekked up to the Faulhorn. The weather in the Grindelwald valley below wasn’t all the that pleasant but as we moved up in altitude in the mid-morning, the skies cleared up … Continue reading The 22 Laws of Marketing

The emotional qualities of animals and humans

Great photography brings out emotions that pulls on the heart strings. It doesn’t just mean those taken from professionals – there’s plenty of emotional stuff that people post on Facebook, Instagram, etc. It really comes down to how images connect with people, cultures, context, and state of mind. For example, bread and butter seem to … Continue reading The emotional qualities of animals and humans

Eureka, I have an idea!

The currency of any great experience and story is the idea. We all come across that spark of an idea at some point in our lives (and probably more than once) where we think to ourselves “A-ha, that’s what I’m talking about”. I’ve spent the last few years surrounding myself with books and materials about … Continue reading Eureka, I have an idea!

What would Donald Draper say?

There is a change in the air. Past industries that have communicated to us and which we relied on for information, like broadcast media and newspapers, are undergoing a transformation – and this goes for the advertising industry as well. With the widespread use and access to the internet, and the democratization of information and … Continue reading What would Donald Draper say?

Telling tales through type

I just finished reading Communication Arts Typography Annual 3 and the quality of the work blew me away. It’s not so much the various types and fonts that people came up with, but how words and images were created with 26 letters in the English alphabet (there were examples in other languages as well). The … Continue reading Telling tales through type