Thanks for visiting in 2012

Google analytics are great when you’re managing websites or anything to do with tracking online use, visits, or engagement with web content. There’s so much that gets captured and that can be customized the way you want that if you like how statistics can help you do your job better, analytics are a great service/tool. … Continue reading Thanks for visiting in 2012

Corporate achievements for 2010-2011

Corporate achievements are a necessary evil especially if you’re getting your funds and resources from donors, investors, etc. One of the ways to showcase this is usually through a glossy/sexy annual report. For 2010-2011, UNISDR, the UN’s office for disaster risk reduction, wanted to highlight it’s main accomplishments in a visual way. In addition to … Continue reading Corporate achievements for 2010-2011

Linking climate data with disaster symbols

With a bit of a short notice, I produced this infographic for a Swedish journalist who interviewed Margareta Wahlstrom, UNISDR’s ‘commander in chief’, on the impacts of disasters and climate change. It’s based on an MS Excel chart that was produced to highlight overall disasters in the Asia-Pacific region. The journalist wanted to reproduce the … Continue reading Linking climate data with disaster symbols

For Rio+20 with love…

One of the main features of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) was to highlight seven key themes as a part of its “Future We Want” campaign. Since one of the themes was on Disaster Resilience, UNISDR wanted to highlight the 20-year impact of disasters since the original Rio Earth Summit back in … Continue reading For Rio+20 with love…

The Economic and Human Impact of Disasters in the last 12 years

Conceptualized and designed this infographic that shows the Economic and Human Impact of Disasters in the last 12 years. The data is sourced from the Brussels-based Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED) and their International Disasters Database (EM-DAT). The idea was to take global disaster statistics and visualize three key variables that … Continue reading The Economic and Human Impact of Disasters in the last 12 years

ECHO-funded UNISDR Media Trainings on Disaster Risk Reduction: 2010-2011

Conceptualized and designed this infographic to highlight one of UNISDR’s key activities with the media between 2010-2011. Given the global scope of the project, a map was chosen to best represent this scale and breadth of the trainings. A scale is used at the bottom of the graphic to provide more details to compare the … Continue reading ECHO-funded UNISDR Media Trainings on Disaster Risk Reduction: 2010-2011

Graffiti and Website Stats

To highlight the impact of UNISDR’s website statistics for 2011, I provided the concept, typographic and visual design of this poster. It shows an overview of the rise in audience and visitors to the website in the year, the top five stories, the most search terms on the site, the most popular site visited in … Continue reading Graffiti and Website Stats

UNISDR – Season’s Greetings

Provided the concept, copy, and layout for e-card. After providing creative direction for the 2011 International Day for Disaster Reduction logo, I took the essential element from the logo to produce a holiday greeting card for UNISDR. The image uses words from the disaster risk reduction terminology to highlight the silhouette of the children from … Continue reading UNISDR – Season’s Greetings

Voigtlander Poster

As part of a graphic design project on photography, I wrote the copy, photographed, designed and art directed this poster for a Voigtlander lens I recently bought. The concept was to practice photography in a studio setting and to take the photograph and put it into a advertising format. The main photograph was taken in … Continue reading Voigtlander Poster