Getting back to the routine

Well after what feels like 3 weeks of craziness, I'm slowly getting back to my routine of eat, sleep, work, study, reading… The past week and a bit threw me off my finely-tuned system of getting as much done as possible within a 24-hour period. Not counting my social life (which coincidently enough is almost … Continue reading Getting back to the routine

How-to Mapping Guide

Working with the United Nations Development Programme on a HIV/AIDs and development programme for Southeast Asia, I researched, wrote, and designed this publication that was released in 2004. This how-to guide stresses the importance of mapping as a tool for understanding and responding to HIV vulnerability. The content for the guide came out of an … Continue reading How-to Mapping Guide

Cimate and HIV/AIDS

As part of a series of covers on HIV/AIDS, development, environment, agriculture and transportation, I designed this cover to represent the publications content on the link between Climate Change and HIV/AIDS. In addition to being the photographer for the cover, I also put together a series of photos to create the design. The publication raises … Continue reading Cimate and HIV/AIDS