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Unemployment just means you’re a “freelance consultant” (Week1)

Catchin' some waves in Nusa Dua - btw, red flags means stay out of  the water

It’s weird to be unemployed. Every time a contract/job finishes, there’s always this downtime that inevitably occurs. During these periods in between jobs, I’ve volunteered, gone back to school, picked up a new hobby, and just taken the time to relax.

This is the first time I’ve ever had this downtime outside of Canada. I spent the month of March, basically finished with my job, in Canada – then I took a 20+ hour flight back to Dili, Timor-Leste just to hang out and relax… yes, weird, but true. I can’t complain though… it’s pretty easy-going here with not much to do except to enjoy “island living”. That’s not to say I’m bored… since January, I’ve been doing this graphic design course and now that I don’t have to work I can focus on the course… and yes, I might even volunteer a little.

Bali isn’t very far away – 1.5 hours away – so it’ll make a short getaway in case I do eventually need to “get away”… here are some photos from a week in Bali before coming back to TL… lots of food and beach this time around.

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