FREE isn't forever.

A lot of new Canadian coins were introduced to commemorate the 2010 Olympics

Today was the last official day of the 2010 Olympics and Paralympics (and the free stuff events around the city). Vancouver has graciously received visitors from all over the world and the city has a few new ‘green’ buildings, a important transportation line/link, and progressive ideas for the future. From the Richmond Olympic Oval, the Canada Line, to reviving downtown with pedestrian friendly boulevards and cityscapes and the innovative Olympic Village, hopefully the changes to the city from the Olympics has improved things in the city for visitors and locals alike.

But there are still short and long-term issues that Vancouver faces pre and post Olympics (i.e. Vancouver still has lots of issues re: social housing, poverty, and crime/drugs, as well as native/aboriginal rights). If you don’t believe me, you can find the “other side of to Olympic coin” by reading the news and reports on a number of website including “Resist 2010” and “2010 Vancouver Olympic Protest Reporting“.

Personally I had a great time and was glad to have made it back to Vancouver for a bit of Olympics… The city of Vancouver is a progressive place with lots of things happening in the mainstream and at the periphery. If you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that the city is a dynamic place full of passion not only embracing and inviting visitors to come and enjoy Canada’s westcoast lifestyle, but also igniting and leading the way for social justice.

Some photos from today’s walk downtown to soak up the Olympic atmosphere before it all gets taken down…

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