Data Can Be Cool.


Anytime you hear the word “data” or “statistics”, the image of a geeky-looking guy (probably with a pocket protector) probably comes to mind. We’ve come a long way from this image and hopefully the idea that data is boring and only for nerdy people will change. Technology has come a long way to both help people interested in data to be a bit more creative in presenting this stuff and also to collect and interpret all this information. Just check out the Envisioning Development Project about affordable housing in NYC.


Whether marketing, surveys, questionnaires, data management, data-mining, information management, statistical analysis, etc. etc. etc., the underlying theme is that everyone from businesses, government, to the entertainment world relies on data and statistics to help them plan, improve, or find solutions to their work. Thanks to advances in technology, this “stuff” doesn’t have to stick to only boring numbers – with a little creativity and know-how, data and statistics can be transformed into interesting displays, charts, presentations, maps, websites, etc.

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