Day 3 (#GISDay) – Timor-Leste event is half-way through

UN GIS presentation

There’s 3 days left to With maps, we build the future of Timor-Leste at Casa Europa. I’ll try to get more pictures up of the different things that are going on for the week-long event. After three days, there’s been plenty of positive response from the event – a lot of people didn’t realize that there was so much mapping and GIS work going on in Tmor-Leste.


There was a presentation on Day 3 with the United Nations showcasing what GIS can do for society. It was informative and well-attended by both expats and Timorese. A lot of questions were asked regarding how the UN can be more supportive in training or raising awareness about GIS and its related technologies to help the Timorese people/government. The current mandate of the UNMIT GIS Unit is only to support the UN mission and agencies, but if there was a request for more outreach and training by the government or schools/universities, there might be some potential for this kind of activities.

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