Animated gifs are more expressive than static images

Photography is a lot of fun especially now when we have so many options to capture images whether its with a phone, camera, laptop, etc. Once in a while it does get a bit monotonous especially when I’m bored of taking static images. So I’ve been experimenting with creating animated gifs. It’s not all that new, but it is a lot of fun to bring a bunch of images to life.

While I’ve tried this with only a couple of images after a visit to the Olympic museum, I thought I’d give it a try with a lot more images after a photo shoot at work. This time each of the below animations contain approximately 60 images. The trick with an animated gif is that the more the images, the larger the file size so I’ve kept the gif small to reduce the loading/downloading time. Every image has it’s own distinct character, but when shown in a series they express more than just one image and gives a sense of time…



The whole process is really easy to do with Photoshop and the best instructions I’ve found to do it is here:

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