Moving doesn’t have to be (too) painful

Moving is always a stressful process and can actually impact long-term health (according to the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale). Whether it’s moving house, moving cities, or moving countries, everything related to packing up and relocating isn’t for the faint of heart. In the past, it’s been pretty easy for me to move – normally everything I owned or needed to be move could fit into a couple of suitcases. This time around, it was a different story. Not only did we collect heaps of stuff over a few years of living in Geneva, but it was also the first time we had to move furniture. We were dreading the whole ordeal since we had to make a big decision about leaving our apartment because of the major construction and renovations on our building that’s planned to start this summer – we decided to move before we contacted ASLOCA, but we’ve heard this Swiss association for renters is really helpful.


In most circumstances, a friend with a car, an offer of pizza, and a weekend of packing would have made the whole moving process a little less daunting. However, we’re living in Geneva where people are transient or have complicated schedules, parking (i.e. loading/offloading zones) are hard to come by, and elevators are tiny.


The best investment we made for moving was to hire a moving company. Little did I know that moving is a huge business in the city, and that there’s plenty of competition out there. The first quote for moving our stuff – which “wasn’t very much” according to the movers who came by to have a look – was over 2500CHF. It would have been an additional 1000CHF if we wanted the movers to pack our stuff too. When we started to shop around, there’s actually an association or society of moving companies that sends out moving requests and then companies bid on them. Once we did that, quotes from companies dropped significantly where we ended up paying less than 1000CHF for Flche dmnagement.


Once we chose the company, we spent 2 weeks packing up our stuff – luckily we had some family come by to help us clean and pack for a weekend. When it was time, Fleche spent the day with us moving around 28 boxes, a couch, dining table and chairs, our book shelves, bikes, and a massive wardrobe I put together from IKEA. They took apart all our furniture and then resembled everything in our new apartment… now that’s service!

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