From 2000 to 40 – a year in photos

Every year I put together a small set of photos that represent the year and upload them to Flickr. With 2013 over and done with, I had a bit of time this past couple of months to go through and organize over 2000 photos. It was a particularly special year because I also experimented with taking/posting a photo a day, which not only helped my photographic eye, but also gave me a nice collection of photos to use for the future. I’ve been doing this yearly summary on Flickr since 2003! Here are the photos for 2013 – one thing you might notice in the photos is that Ive also started experimenting with filters and developing settings to have more artistic control over the images.

The purist out there might cringe, but digital photos have made it much easier to do this kind of thing than to find a darkroom and play with the chemicals. Although, ironically, I’ve been thinking of taking an intro course to using a darkroom and even played around with the idea of developing my own film at home – it might all be leading in that direction especially since I bought a Voigtlander R3M camera a couple of weeks ago!


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