I’m not an illustrator but I can appreciate great work


Illustration and drawing is a skill set that I’ve always find challenging despite years and years of training – I vividly remember the “tree” I drew when I was 12-years old that distinctly looked more like some kind of dwarf alien with with extremely long tentacles. I’ve come to the realization that I’m more of a doodler and that suits me just fine to get the creative juices flowing. Yet, I appreciate inspiring work when I see it, like the drawing above from a friend’s 5-year old daughter where butterflies and flowers actually look the way they should. The 2013 Communication Arts Illustration Annual was another place to draw inspiration from and didn’t disappoint showing that there’s plenty of talent out there.

Here are a few of my favorites:


Brian Stauffer produced this poster for the 2013 Savannah Music Festival in Georgia. Something about the vertical format and the elongated grand piano is appealing.


Love the concept and visual of this image from Steven Bonner that was used on a billboard to communicate the superior road grip of the Audi Quattro.


How can you not like Breaking Bad? This is a great illustration of Walter White entitled “Breaking Bad Ass” by Dominic LaRiccia from Spork Design.

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