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It all started on January 1st, 2013 and has lasted exactly one year – my EyeSee2013 project ended when clocks struck midnight about a week ago. The journey of taking a photo a day for (almost) every day in the year 2013 started off with enthusiasm, moved through a colorful period, hit a bit of a rut, regained inspiration, and now has come to a close. It’s been an eye opening (forgive the pun) experience to say the least and has taught me a lot about perseverance, passion, and discipline. Creativity is hard – especially when you have to post a photo a day for one year. Don’t forget that I posted one photo a day, but took a whole bunch more before choosing the one to go up online. As the image above shows, in the end, I posted 373 photos using 5 cameras in 5 countries.

Photography is a great way to express yourself and to experiment with different ideas. Nowadays, there are plenty of tools of the trade to choose from: from point-and-shoots, DSLRs, hybrids, to even mobile phones. Like most people with an itch to improve their photographic eye, I wanted a project that would get me to dust off my camera, get me shooting, and would give me a nice stock full of photos. I thought the easiest thing would be start taking a photo a day and gave myself a timeframe: one year. After 365 days of taking one photo a day, I learned a few things or two that might be useful if you decide do a similar project.

  1. Take a small-ish camera or phone – Use a small camera that is easy to carry around or if you want use your phone camera. The last thing you want to do is forget your camera and carrying a DSLR isnt probably the best choice for most situations. It takes discipline to take a photo a day and the first place to start is to carry your gear with you. I ended up using 5 cameras over the course of the year which ranged from my own cameras and phones, to borrowing other peoples cameras (the days I forget mine).
  2. Plan a theme – Its easy enough to be snap-happy and take whatever scene comes across your eye. But this gets boring fast and its a really a great way to stretch your creativity. Instead, think of a theme that gives you some boundaries to work with. For the month of January, I didnt have a theme and it ended up being a bit of a dragged. When I started to focus every month on every color from the rainbow, the results were amazing and inspiring.
  3. Shoot in high-resolution – The photos you take during a photo a day project helps build you build a nice personal stock of images. You never know how the photos will turn out or what they can be used for so where possible try to take high-resolution images. I took most of my photos in RAW and eventually turned the project into a book.
  4. Document your journey – A photo a day is a nice thing to share whether youre doing for a week, month, or year. Its also a great to way to showcase your photos and themes. There are a lot of blog and photo sharing platforms that you can use to do this. I used Tumblr to document my journey over a year to involve my family and friends since a lot of them were either part of the process or the stories of the photos.
  5. Learn how to use your camera – Combining an idea with the tools to make it happen will produce the best results. So that means learning how to use your camera, whether its just knowing how to choose the right aperture or shutter speed, or getting into all the functions and options that most digital cameras have these days. You might not know how to use all the functions before starting a photo a day project, but Im sure youll definitely know more when you finish!

I’ll continue with photography and expand my repertoire but maybe not to the military-like regularity of my EyeSee2013 project on Tumblr. This time I’ll be getting to know my camera and its mobile phone… follow me on Instragram at http://instagram.com/vfung26

3 thoughts on “5 tips on taking a photo a day”

  1. what a big undertaking, such committee to stay with it for the 365 days , … good for you you should be proud of yourself, … of course I like many crane shots, ( in my next life I want to be a crane operator… and the groups of colors is always a great way to completely obsessed , to the point of dreaming in that color for the week… so just what is favorite color I like your purple shots… so what countries did you end up in and where are you now.

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