Looking up and out for 2013


While my photographer typically focuses on “street” and lifestyles, with a touch of photojournalism, I can’t let go of nature and landscapes shots. It’s what originally pulled me into photography when I started using my first camera – a Minolta AF-Tele 35mm film camera that was given to me from a lost and found box. Landscapes and nature photography is a great way to get into photos because most of your subjects don’t change or move all that much (unless it’s animals and insects that are the main subjects). At the same time, the focus is on how light and shadows play against the landscape that gives a photo its depth. This helps to train your eyes, makes it easier to understand B&W photography, and helps to understand composition.

As part of Scientific American’s call for science and nature photos for 2013, it gave me a chance to do a selection from the 2500+ photos I took this past year, including the 300+ photos I took for my EyeSee 2013 photo a day project. Rather than just doing a random selection of nature-related photos, I thought I’d focus it around ‘looking up and out’ – the sky is structured yet spacious; scientific yet striking.







Basking in the warmth of the final desert sunrise on Day 6

Weird like me.



5 thoughts on “Looking up and out for 2013”

  1. Your photographs are aptly described! They evoke a feeling of upwardness and outwardness…. to be connected to a larger whole. Beautiful!

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