2013 Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction

The Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction (GAR) comes out every 2-years and is an assessment of global situation on reducing disaster risks and provides a comprehensive overview and analysis on key issues and what governments are doing to prevent disasters. GAR13 is the third edition of the report, entitled From Share Risk to Shared Value: the Business case for Disaster Risk Reduction, and was officially launched in New York by the UN Secretary-General and just before the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction. The 2013 report looks at how public regulation and private investment shape disaster risks.

The Tangible Earth

Each edition of the GAR focuses on a different theme while providing an indepth analysis on disaster risk reduction around the world, which includes the release of new data and models on DRR. For the GAR13 edition, in addition to the traditional print report, a couple of innovative things were done:

  • The report has an ‘augmented’ reality version – basically the report interacts with a tablet (i.e. iPad) to provide more real-time and interactive data and graphics
  • Data and information for the report is being used by the Tangible Earth Project – a physical educational global projected with real-time climate data and information, as well as examples of challenges and solutions to reducing disaster risks.

To support the visualization of the reports key themes and messages, I researched and put together over 120 examples of DRR challenges and solutions that was used for the Tangible Earth. I allso developed the above infographic. Given the nature of the report and it’s focus on the financial industry and economic focus, I wanted the graphic to be simple and ‘corporate’ – meaning lots of white space with numbers and text around the cost-benefits of disaster risk reduction. Also, the iconography (again the great set provided by UNOCHA) was used to interpret hazards and symbology that would resonate with the private sector. You can download a hi-res version of the graphic here.

Finally, just out of interest to promote the report, I took a friend’s video from the printing of the first paper report and made a short trailer. What do you think?

GAR13 from Vincent Fung on Vimeo.

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