I feel a lot smarter about construction cranes.


For the last few months, every morning I wake up and have to look out the window to a couple of construction tower cranes staring back at me. And every so often I realized that the cranes are getting taller while I/our apartment stays at the same height. How does the crane keep getting taller? It doesn’t seem like it can budge with such a heavy head on top, yet the neck of the crane keeps growing longer and taller. Well, after a quick search, the answer is pretty simple and the design is ingenious – deceptively easy to understand. There’s two parts to the ‘neck’ and the ‘head’ that might look connected, but actually work independent of one another. Any time the crane needs to be taller, the head moves up freeing up space beneath it so another extension can be added. Good design just works and helps us do things without really questioning it.

Here’s a video of how the whole thing works – the techno music in the background makes it much cooler!

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