Thanks for visiting in 2012


Google analytics are great when you’re managing websites or anything to do with tracking online use, visits, or engagement with web content. There’s so much that gets captured and that can be customized the way you want that if you like how statistics can help you do your job better, analytics are a great service/tool. While there’s plenty of ways to visualize the detail stats from a website, I like to stretch both my left and right side of the brain to make something compelling. And what better way than to take data that’s already available and clear and turn it into something nice and visual.

Not only is there plenty of engaging content on the UNISDR website, but also the issue of disaster risk reduction and the organization’s work has been increasingly gaining ground. And this shows in the number of visits to the website. In addition to showing this impact and indicator of interest in the organization, the infographic is kind of a “thank you” to all the people who’ve come to the website. It’s also one of the first infographics that I’ve done that integrates the organization’s new visual identity, which I’ve been working on for the last couple of year’s as part of updating UNISDR’s brand.

I’ve already received a few comments that people really like the eyes and doormat because it speaks to them and to the content – and that was what I was going for. It was based on some of the useful tips from this book I was reading recently. The graph is a bit small when printed but it does reveal some interesting facts and events when you can see it in a bigger size.

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