We are designers in one shape or form

In some way or another, you’re probably a designer. We typically think of design as something visual, and in most cases it’s the easiest way to think of this profession. Graphic design, information design, structural design, environmental design, type design, etc… the list goes on. Just look at the picture above – can you believe that there is a job to design wine labels (or any labels for that matter – think about tag/label on the back of your underwear).

Then again, ‘design’ is really about understanding and solving a problem. Just Google “Design Thinking” and you’re come up with hundreds of results defining the idea. One of the simplest definitions I found was this one by FastCompany: Design Thinking… What is That? which breaks down the concept into 4 steps. Of course, problem-solving takes more than 4 steps, but it’s a nice intro into the process we go through when trying to come up with a solutions.

At the same time, in Design Thinking Is A Failed Experiment. So Whats Next? Bruce Nussbaum, one of Design Thinkings biggest advocates, wants to move on… He still thinks that design is important – see quote below – he just thinks that there’s more to creativity in problem-solving than a linear approach.

Everyone likes creativity because everyone believes they are, or were, or can be creative. And they are right. The truth is that the best scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers, soldiers, CEOs, sports coaches, hockey players, and World of Warcraft players are all creative. That scaffolding of Design Thinking, that collection of behaviors is the heart and sole of creativity. It includes being attuned to the people and culture you are immersed in and having the experience, wisdom, and knowledge to frame the real problem and–most important of all perhaps–the ability to create and enact solutions.

Even though you are a ‘designer’ in one way or another, if you plan to design something visual or build a website or something, you might want to leave it a professional, or as the title of Mike Monteiro’s book says “Design is a Job“.

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