Eye See 2013 – A photographic experiment

An idea is great – putting it down on paper and making it happen is even better. That’s a new year’s resolution and one that can easily be achieved with something I like to do… and that’s photography. A photo a day for 2013 – sounds easy enough, right? Well, I’m already barely two weeks into this photo experiment and I find myself struggling to keep up the daily posting. But that’s probably just laziness and a lack of discipline/focus. It’s not actually that difficult to carry a camera (or phone) and snap a few shots where ever I am. I hope it’ll help stretch my creativity and at the same time be fun. I’ve setup the project on Tumblr and you can see it here: http://eyesee2013.tumblr.com/

Here’s a great quote about creativity from Jazz legend Charles Mingus:

Source: 15 Famous Quotes onCreativity

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