Parka Hunt: The search is on!

I’m spending today and tomorrow in a training session by facilitators from the Geneva Communications Network on using social media for work. Yes, if you can believe it – the communications channels we use nowadays and on a daily basis is something still foreign in how it can be used in professional/work environments. Today’s session was relatively straightforward with introductions into the benefits and challenges of social media, the different platforms and some hands-on work.

People say the “blog” is dead. But, today’s session really highlighted that blogs are still relevant (WordPress alone has almost 60 million blogs probably being read by millions more!). Not only are they flexible in accommodating your writing, creativity and giving you the ability to customize a website the way you want, but blogging platforms also provide an easy way to learn how to post and integrate things online – if you know how to blog, you’ll probably find Facebook, Twitter and other online platforms a lot easier to use.

Anyway, one of the assignments was to create our own blog. You’d think that since blogging has been around even before Facebook and other social media platforms, a lot of people would have had some experience with them. But, out of the 20-ish people sitting in the room, no one except maybe one or two people had a blog. I decided to create a test blog based on my recent search (i.e. obsession) for a winter jacket. I called it Parka Hunt. While it was more a joke to do it for the workshop, I realized why shouldn’t I actually write about my hunt, for real?

So here it is… I’ve copied the posts here on my search for a parka – I hope to have more soon!

Why the hunt?

One of the most important things for the winter is a good coat/jacket/parka. Yeah, there’s a benefit to dressing in “layers”, but then again, it’s a bit of a pain in the a$$ to have to put on or take-off these layers. How many is ever enough? Wouldn’t it be better to just have one jacket that keeps me warm without going through the process of dressing like a hermit?

So this is my attempt to capture my hunt for a suitable winter jacket.

My motivation comes from this video:

Step 2: Find out what’s out there


There’s plenty of stuff out there. Fur or no fur. Lining or no lining. Do I want to look like a puffy marshmallow? The variations and styles are sometimes nerve-racking, but window shopping usually doesn’t hurt anyone and can be fun.

I guess other people are thinking the same thing with some helpful tips and places to start looking.


Btw, even though winter is a festive season and we all like Santa and elves, the fashion sense probably isn’t something I want to be showing off on the streets (like the guys in the photo above).

Step 1: Do I need a parka?


It’s that time of the year. The weather is changing. Temperatures are dropping. It’s like to find a new jacket for winter. I’m on the hunt for a parka.

When I typed “parka definition” into Google, this is what it came up with:


This is the criteria I’m going to use to start looking for my winter jacket.

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